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and regulations to tax bankers. here just to flood threat is a society. that. the . player paul somi goes i'm not a martin and this is breaking the set so much the duck dynasty controversy that the mainstream media is trumpeting there is actually positive news to report a panel appointed by obama just released its recommendations to scale back the n.s.a. and the document they recommended forty six changes to add transparency accountability the agency but most importantly they suggest scaling back its authority to snoop and every aspect of our lives so time the pop the champagne all rolls right out so fast this is only good news if obama actually decides to embrace the advice and here's the cold hard truth even if the recommendations are adopted it's not going
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to prevent mass surveillance and the president's review panel did nothing to answer the questions raised about the constitutionality of the n.s.a.'s global spying tentacles so walter nice gesture for members of the administration to condemn the n.s.a. as attack on privacy until there is action to end unabated surveillance on the entire planet i'll be here break in the set. of the. games a. very hard to take. your. life that had sex with that hurt right there.
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if you're a regular viewer of the show you know how big of a fan i am of private mercenaries none more so than the security firm blackwater which has since changed its name multiple times no doubt due to the company's association with black market gun dealers shady cia ties and war crimes scope other than hiding out nabu dobby for the last couple of years where is former c.e.o. eric prince been since all this went down while pushing his new book of course serially this week prince went on the daily show to tell his side of the story and of course instead of tough questions from stewart prince was given a platform to spew his revisionist history sixty minutes style you may remember during the height of iraqi occupation in two thousand and seven blackwater murdered
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seventeen civilians in nasr square in baghdad here's prince's account of that incident. and this risk where started with a car bomb and a team move to help that team leave the area and after they go through the whole use of force continuum they ended up having to fire and firefighter up to it in the armored vehicle that the guys are in was disabled by incoming enemy round which delayed them longer because the vehicle was disabled and so yeah it's a tragedy. a tragedy indeed a prince's retelling of the event is far from accurate you have to take my word for it or an iraqi government a us military port and an f.b.i. investigation at least fourteen of the seventeen iraqis killed that day were shot without cause it was also never confirmed that a car bomb even went off corn in iraq interior ministry that explosion was from two mortar shells that landed in the vicinity of the heavily secured compound
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blackwater was protecting furthermore according to several interviews blackwater guards said quote during the operation at least one guard continued firing on civilians walk colleagues urgently called for a cease fire but here in prince deflected blame for the massacres he oversaw is not even a part of the interview that irked me the most let's not print said during the web only part of the discussion. so you feel that the government actually actively turned against you and began to persecute you and someone indeed and you know meeting with congressional staffs mean there's a look there's a matter what you guys going to do we're going to ride you into you're out of business queue up the tiny. i didn't realize the seventeen murdered iraq is aren't the victims here print is here's the thing this government persecution and woe is me act that princes point is complete crap less than a year after the necessary massacre the state department renewed blackwater's
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contract in fact the company has continued to receive contracts under obama. but instead of doing just an iota of research and calling out prince on this along with the company's sordid history of criminality and legal impunity stewart seemed to lap it all up. you know i feel. somewhat. sad that it has come to for you that feeling of betrayal because i think that's an expensive lesson but. an object or two. there are so many things wrong with this exchange i don't even know where to begin aside from stuart's on the willingness to push back prince the last off this whole affair as an expensive mistake hell maybe blackwater's a new name can be a whitewash. a w w f a living planet report from two thousand and twelve suggests that at the current rate of consumption humanity will need two earths by the year twenty thirty just to
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sustain itself but some suggest that even if we curb consumption it's already too late it's a prediction made by my next guest. professor emeritus of the university of arizona and author of going dark his book presents a prophetic warning about the consequences of a changing climate and it unsustainable the economy that's a heartbeat away from collapse now being skeptical of the sensational prediction i first asked him what evidence he has to back up this claim. the international energy agency is among the most conservative organizations on the planet they're predicting a temperature beyond which we've got humans on the planet by twenty thirty five i'm not sure anybody would choose the international energy agency. for being the sort of conspiracy theorists or trying to promote an agenda that is beyond the pale in fact i've seen probably as conservative in that assessment is that in many of
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those so you're saying that the earth cannot simply accommodate for billions of people i mean so what's going to happen all these other people and i. i suspect. are a lot like every other organism on the planet you know when they're going to overshoot there is a correction or cry. for most p.c.'s is a crash i don't see it with the exception of our sentiency and our ability to be clever i don't see a big difference between us and bacteria in petri dish we're no substrate we're going to be in real trouble which brings us to our air blog nature bats last let's talk about industrial civilization and climate change how much can be wiped out because the changing climate. i suspect all of industrial civilization and all human life on earth can be removed as
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a result of climate change. you know if we go to three and a half see above baseline rapidly. within the very short period predicted by the international energy agency. much less going to or who are over twenty city there's no way human survive the lack of political will i get why is the academic and scientific community not treating this with the same sense of urgency that you are. the vast majority of academics never question civilization much less and. never quite else cost the consequences of that we. didn't encourage students to think indeed of my case as an example academics are marginalized and punished for merely questioning the dominant culture. i don't see scientists and especially academics scientists or are in a position that enables them to question the way we live in any significant way i
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just don't see that happening in that through my entire career nature bats last address is such a wide variety of things all the trying are connected of course a lab around how america as an and higher plays into the global self-destruction that we're seeing unfold. the monetary crisis the us military exceeds that of the next fifteen nations. the u.s. military uses more oil than any other entity on the planet so this is the head at this point. of a beast since jimmy carter proclaimed a doctrine that bears his name in the early ninety's he evaded states claimed ownership of all the world's resources securing them has proven very expensive in terms of try and save a little planet and human lives but there's no undoing the horrors of empire in which he doubling down as near as i can distinguish the typical american loves american empire because it just says those toys and uses those computer screens and gives us the ability to play on facebook and do all the things that we've come to
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take for granted even though they haven't been around for a while when start to like let's talk about solutions here because i'm getting a little bit depressed here you see it in that in collapse i do think that a class is necessary before a new model can be enacted that works harmoniously with nature or do you think we can change from the growth paradigm to conscious capitalism before this mass die off i used to think so and in fact temporary it's university of utah are growing excellent listen i made a change in two thousand and nine and he pointed out that all the complete collapse prevents runaway greenhouse well that was two thousand and nine since then we've treated twenty eight self reinforcing dieback loops on the contrary. i think it's too late civilization requires tremendous violence and most of the citizenry is willing to have the militaries of the world carry out the violence we prefer to look the other way remaining willfully ignorant of the horrors conducted in our
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names so i don't see as turning this ship around i used to think we would. be so for enforcing those in the time of china. nearly all of which are irreversible temporal spans relevant to the human experience so i think we're done. quite a long time ago although slightly pointed out quote it's rather embarrassing to have given ones and life to pondering the human project predicament and to find out in the end one has little more to say than try to be a little kind. of guy i know that we wouldn't be doing what we're doing you wouldn't be running our blog i wouldn't be doing this show if we didn't have faith that we could at least change things i mean is there anything that you can give to the audience any tools at all that we can enact right now to prevent this cataclysmic trend. is the literature points out to only collapse industrial civilization true friends whatever we care runaway
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greenhouse i think that's the best hope for other species i think that we already have begun to get and in our case that leads to human extinction in the relatively near term i don't think that means we should give up on the species however and habitat for those of the species i think we have a moral imperative to ensure habitat for as many species as we possibly can instead of driving some two hundred species that day to extinction. i know that's not what most people want to hear they want to hear that we can maintain this way of life for her least maintained habitat for humans for an extended period of time but. as a conservation biologist i recognize a long time ago that humans like other organisms will go extinct at a time i just didn't realize that it would be. so rapidly and that i would live to
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see much of myself well thank you for the enlightening i'll be at the press saying . thank you so much everyone check it out major bad last guy next years and professor emeritus that was guy macpherson professor emeritus at the university of arizona. coming up you guys will speak with a legendary t.v. star roseanne about a lot of ground. but . we're going to do is go to do you know the price is the only industry specifically mentioned in the constitution and. that's because a free and open process is critical to our democracy shred albums. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and across several we've been hijacked lying handful of transnational corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers
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once told us about my job market and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world if we go beyond identifying the problem to try and rational debate and a real discussion of critical issues facing america have on camera ready to join the movement then walk a little bit of. the
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old. science technology innovation called the least a medal means from around russia we've gone through huge earth covered. the the. roseanne barr is a legendary comedian actress and political activist an open letter she wrote recently she addressed the need to pressure the saudi government to the rest of prince bandar bin sultan proof of role in the nine eleven attacks she according to cia memos from two thousand and two there's incontrovertibly evidence the saudi government not only knew about the hijackers but helped them financially and just a quick i first asked rosanna what the reason could be possibly for the u.s. government going after almost every other country except the one it knew was in part responsible. for all that's while before when i was on here with you we talked
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about m.k. ultra mind control and i said i may not have said it on your show but in a subsequent speech i did say what m.k. ultra mind control does is train people never to blame the guilty and stad to point the finger down more helpless and never up for it at their gail t. but you know i and people in america are just under that kind of mind control and it originates from congress and from our government you know that they don't want to get caught as their pocket and all the peoples del and this is just more of it i mean these people that what gets me about the rule by psychopaths as that they're not ever satisfied i mean that they that people take away their rights take away like the the heroes who the heroes that we sent to iraq come home and their moms have lost their homes it's just sits just ugh what an ass orgy.
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greed death evil sickness and you know vampires the vamp the vampire. blood sucking our country and the and it's public's money it's the public money that they're taking and that just gets made cuz i don't like criminals and you know i have five grandsons and how my going to tell them hey kids you know crime pays i don't want to do that and so i would like to see the guilty punished and when we have a clear clear record of who the guilty are and we don't ever hold them accountable how no wonder we have kids going nuts in schools i mean seriously we need when it's a moral structure i think that the whole thing is falling i think it's in its you know i think it's appalling and even to fight with it has given it energy the thing i like to look at abbie is the how how women all over the world of course after
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everything's decimated and there's no you know there's no tribal rights to any land left at all for poor people but women. at they're at the most crisis level in the world begin to rise and change things well look at looks and her laugh i guess hold to that i hold that so deep and so close i know you i know that we can do it i know we can do it when we're not raped murdered held down when we're given a fair education the chance we'll do it. according to part of justice ninety percent of violent crime is committed by men what do you think accounts for this enormous gender disparity when it comes to violent crime. all why you don't want to get me started on that because i'm a lefty is mad when i start on that but you know it's all about patriarchy but it's about patriarchal mothers too and i'm tired of people saying it's all manner it's
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all women women are raising these boys to do that and there's no lie about it let's not lie about that anymore when men like the spartan mothers held up they should hold to their sons they were going to war and said come back holding the shield or laying under it i mean a women are the ones who really need to be real honest take their place stop supporting war stop supporting punishing other women stop it stop being a patriarchal box and like let's invent something new we can do it. and i was speaking to a gender expert yesterday who said that the culture of this overt militarism especially in america's due to gender indoctrination kind of what you're talking about about patriarchy and that male readers continue with this rhetoric because they're afraid of being emasculated do you agree with that sentiment royalty invented a feudal system and everybody a is all you know everybody under their class is
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a breeder you know gives birth to the soldiers and you know to do their work for them so you know they needed to have a clear by unary you know women and men so they can push that wedding. i call it the wedding military industrial complex actually my boyfriend johnny made that up but you know they got to keep breeders go on because where are they going to get these kids to send up to their wars and molest and stuff you know that could create that so they created this this these clear gender things for their slaves in their service and you know they get a wedding and you know then they're happy they're a princess for a day and they go back to the fields you know it's mind control it's beautiful land baron capitalism mind control patriarchy that's completely obsolete it's funny. it's funny when you look at it how ridiculous lee corrupt it is
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and it's hilarious too because it's so so i caught it but you know we just have to keep laughing it to scorn and watch it die it doesn't have any place to go now i think now it's like eating its own tail i mean the whole saudi arabia all wrong family nine one one bush all of it it's eating its own tail and everyone's like true third here a true third you know one idiots are calling brilliant people stupid you've got a real problem arose and i find it amazing the kind of term truth or for seeking the truth and i mean we've been saying that saudi arabia was involved from the very beginning we were called crazy and now look at how elevated we are. it's house of saud morgues with house of windsor works with the vatican works with rights out that so one thing for again mafia scam i'm a i'll probably get assassinated droned when i'm out of here but it's all a scam i'm tired af and scam these guys are such geniuses these money geniuses here
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sound smart they are appy they make money obsolete. it's ridiculous but it's so stupid i can't stand one stupid people. hate like winning i just can't pay i don't know i just can't take no and rose and give us some advice here i mean your views on so much has attracted a four of trolls what's your message to all the haters who call you crazy for speaking your mind. i say. intelligence looks like insanity to drool an imbecile or a zen i mean people better show up people better show up start reading stop being bought off if he'll have an hour a day read something intelligent read several sources you know educate yourself find out what's going on don't don't stay asleep or go deeper into
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the mind control because it will get worse for you like you said all these institutions are completely outdated they're relevant and we need to break out of this this paradigm in leather have it i know abby they all lead to one thing nuclear annihilate this dad i mean already we have to be like really honest too and really truthful about what does it mean when you know. there's a chair knowable in the fukushima i mean you know. really is it that we are so on our way out because we've already had all those nuclear wars and of all those nuclear wars we say we want to prevent maybe it's already happened maybe the fish are dying maybe the birds are dying maybe the coral reefs or maybe there's no you know there were there are water shortages now maybe all that stuff isn't so the die is already cast and more on our way out we're headed for extinction and a few people who know that at the top are taken advantage of it and you know hard
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never think they can or and you know getting a big sadistic thrill. pricking people and you have to wonder i mean do these people even know at this point what they're doing or those perpetuating the system to maximize their bottom lines i mean these corporate over my daughter i don't come a very i don't think they know what they're doing i think they follow orders only i think they have little intelligence and you know they have handlers and you know those are the corporations in the big money that owns our government you know the real owners of this country and you know they tell their servants and horse what's what they want and how to provide it and you know that is the reality that's the real big reality roseanne i have got to ask you about rumors of this new porn deal that you signed i mean you treated i did. this for real. i did
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a side you know they did contact make because i said you know i couldn't i couldn't get a job and so i said i guess i'm asked to do porn and you know geriatric porn and they did contact me and i decided that was cool of them to offer me a job but you know i'll bet i'm going to be thinking about what would be the most pornographic movie ever made and i am getting a lot of to it that you said oh gosh ok redwoods are bandar bush this was our band it was star banner because you said oh should be shot from a distinctly jewish grandmothers point of view sushi to measure both hunger of consumers of porn once and for all i mean i have to ask you why do you think that there is this narrative that women don't like or watch porn and that all female porn stars must be forced into the industry somehow. while that's a huge question and that's a huge question that involves trafficking and mind control and drug addiction and
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being molested that that involves patriarchal analysis to so i don't think you have time for that one but i do know people that you know have chosen to to do it and you know they're pretty intelligent. and. you know. some of them have lived but most don't. you know let's hope you'll be breaking the right heroes and if you decide to go with that i'm trying to combat it the most pornographic thing for women what would what would the most sexually stimulating thing for women be thinking about it ok a group thank you for those that are all right roseann right here right now on breaking the say we're giving you a golden opportunity beating hillary clinton to punch are you running for president . i am running for president you know i said i'm going to keep running till i win
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i doubt that the american people are smart enough to get me elected but if there was america and they woke up and understood what i'm really saying about their money their future their pensions their homes their children and got made elected you know then. i would. be very happy and rose and i want to say one final message to our audience. you know just because she's a woman. hillary clinton you know i think you know she's a woman but come on i'm the real woman from a i have never like been in cahoots with any of these people and i think that's what our country and so i like world i like what you said earlier show up stop all the talk and actually put your words to action we've got to show up in massive i want to take this country box thank you so much rhode island all right saying and i
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quote can i quote one person or my done navajo for roseanne quote unquote jesus i quote jesus. real cool jewish guy he said faith without works is dead. roseanne barr t.v. legend comedian presidential candidate thank you so hard for coming on breaking it all down to pay paul. so show you guys join me again tomorrow when i break the set all over again. plus i was a new alert animation scripts scare me a little. league. there is breaking news tonight and we are continuing to follow
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the breaking news in. the alexander family cry tears and so why did it great things rather than. get a quart of water thrown alive is a story made sort of movie is playing out in real life. one of the new alarming a lot of these new knowledge base i think you're right you know. pleasure to have you with us here on t.v. today i'm researcher.
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think. that you know the price is the only industry specifically mention in the constitution and. that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy shrek help us. build. them you know i'm sorry and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on will we go beyond identifying the problem to try to rational debate a real discussion critical issues facing america by the book go ready to join the movement then welcome to the big picture. blog tom arbet washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture.


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